Here am I


Between beginning and end

an assembly of blood, bone and flesh

indifferent as dust,

alive mostly in spaces between

rib cage shield of love

and lungs doing alchemy

with degrees of illusion

tender muscle and strictest bone

longing to belong

as each particle soaring through mindless space

surrenders to the field

and becomes an empty world.



not all we feared

not the love,

nor the terror of children

forsaken in emptiness

not the great soul spreading

peace through mortal borders

but this being here,

observing itself observing

through ages

of love and bliss

and the incredible loss.



with sacred cynicism of words

whisper now, resting lonely

on the wings of softness

melting a surrendered mind

as wisdom arises for no purpose

but to affirm attendance in life.


And humanity will raise his aged head

from the sphere of beloved earth

lost and breaking open

in loneliness of being apart.

he will say:


Here am I.

Take me.