Sister Alice

October 25, 2012 by admin

Sweet face, find heart that stains in trace

of other leaves earth-kissed, orange heaps,

uncovering still space beneath untired seasons-

firey forms burning veils of conscious night.

Unkeep it soon. Undertake to love

with that same unprofound Order

of yours unwinded

as we were bespoken

for centuries

in agony behind selves

lost like unkept clothes

as ancient ways

shape us into

a begodded parade

to a blood-blessed alter.

Oh yes, communion makes us jealous-

as believing in ultra-alter selves, wearing hoods

of lovers we blend and bend delusion, skirts lifting now

bewedded on knees all lost and losing

as in death, grasping at holding and hope,

all tears and flesh and candles burning as

our souls state rank beyond beholding,

becoming betrothed, betrayed or both

as wild nuns are none and light

reveals insane internment,

reprieve, release, relapse

and malice of despair.

How we must drink,

oh Alice, the vision

of this upturned



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