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being here with you in essence,

an ancient idea unwinds
of thoughts we had beyond
familiar mystery-
in your eyes, there’s love
absorbing details left behind.

no matter, anger left behind,
in breathing skin I sense
a closeness within, my love,
as this old clock unwinds
a temporal mystery-
the silence from beyond.

yes, we always reached beyond
ourselves, leaving privacy behind;
seeking to conquer mystery,
we tried to crack this essence
to let unknown paths unwind
in nights charged with love.

and simply said, we’re making love,
as through love and beyond
the darker fears unwind,
leaving parameter behind
as rehearsing our essence,
we groom a greater mystery.

humanity itself is mystery
of illusion shaped by love
manifest how this essence
was always here, beyond
the mind or behind
the moments that unwind

so take my hand, unwind
tonight kiss shared mystery,
sublime space and behind,
this greater love,
the wisdom uttering beyond
and through our wildest essence.

let essence and time unwind,
kiss mystery now, behind
these lips, a love found beyond.


 did they dare it?
 or did love burn so whitely
 it cleansed need to manifest love
 as mortals - we hungering half-circles
                   yearning the whole
             yin and yang
 two fish just grounded

    	           writhing apart
         on mooreland as 
    river flows onward
        unheeding, magdelena loved freedom's
           currents, holy a priestess, unearthing
               sacred lust for living, so God
                      gets laid on earth

The Gathering

Gather up your                 thoughts and move
to places phoenix                               found lasting together
more promises                     crafted              in pearls beyond
quieter leaning               toward              love that never said
it could hold             you,                 even as darker folds
of wisdom’s       glory     unwind in fire-lit futures
reached only behind the ball of pasty rock
we call the moon… suffer not
for suffering alone,
but let mystery
be guiding ways
to abstract joy
and glitters
of words reformed to
ferment the kingdom coming.

Faces float in sea-light scolding
this space in earth enfolded by tides in and out
and high and sometimes arching low, we let heights excite
lost worlds submerged and held skeletal in shipwrecked structures,
each dim crack preserved as breathing life in and out, choicelessly pulling you here
and casting you back: we find pleasure expanding and pain retracts – deeper rhythm and pulse
pulling and pushing in and out of Eden, as soul sex holds us closer, rhythms of touch attract and reject,
press and release and enfold you again. And opening the holding to wilder seas where we could fuck and fuse,
create and part – as universe reforms in great explosion and dies again, receiving here in sacred shelter the light show
of coincidence, the accident of words tongued in place of hope, the incident of being, through sensuous reaction deeper
still to consume ourselves: disperse. And you could be all to me- mother, lover, father, brother, friend, charlatan, beggar,
tramp most holy with face torn and scarred – as when human glance caresses this chest of breath, it expands around
dust storm transforming to pillar of light – the tribal need in wilderness searching freedom and separate suddenly,
we turn from golden statues, minor gods and each mirage of light reflecting inside itself, as we collapse
in space beyond holding life in death, and death in life, the ecstasy of pain, and torment of pleasure,
the celebration of suffering, and joy most alone. And I have no right not to love you
from unending, radiant core where time unwinds all crazy, dress undone,
grinning wide as loving here, we are in love breathing echelons
where creators destroy and destruction creates
and the only mark of private self is
a collective sounding of fate.