Essence and Ecstasy (I AM HERE)

June 6, 2013 by admin

I AM HERE, opening the windows of  life and beauty. A new book for a new generation by Georgi Y. Johnson.

At the center of our physical form, in the area behind the sternum, there is a treasure house of qualities which in an exquisite synergy, expresses the pure individuality of what you have at this moment to express in the world.

This formation is specific to this life-time, or to this period of time. It is an exquisite composition of the living aspects of you in creation right now, drawing in both the eternal and the genetically possible at any given moment. To experience this essence is at first similar to blending with an all-powerful, ecstatic sun.

Charged with the love of the heart dimension and exuding the atmosphere of your unique presence, this essence of you is what you are here to express. It is an individually transient configuration from a universal well of infinite qualities.

Like a sun, it blazes outwards as a gift towards humanity and to the creative dimensions of the universe. The more the Witness is able to stand within this core of essential being, the more it too evolves.

In a way, this essential core is the powerful fire of purpose which is part of the reason for our personal incarnation.

Why can it seem so hard yet so attractive to follow the NIKE command: Just do it?

There are quite a few layers of suffering around essence – reasons for not going there – which in a way divide us (the Witness) from ourselves (Essence). This can include layers of depression, self-rejection or disgust at cruelty. Precisely these areas of experience are gold when we invite them into our awareness. We are on the way to our sacred home in the physical dimension.

All those wounds stand in potency at the roots of surface manifestations, as reasons to divide our awareness from our essential purpose. They are bound together in form by the excuses we carry for not being who we need to be. They are encased with energetic steel in these structures called our beliefs. Indeed, when consciousness hooks into mental explanations for these layers of suffering, our prison can seem more like a moated fortress guarded by demons.

Essence is partially blind in that its need, like a sun, is to shine. It shines unconditionally – on the whole show. It is beauty itself, and it opens the doors of perception to beauty in all dimensions.

In the essential dimension, beauty will always find itself.

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