It’s great that you take time to find out who I am – although no words can define the miracle of each individual life, and the words that follow are offered simply as a story – a minute perspective on lived experience.

I was born to English parents and at age 9 moved to Brussels.

At age 13, I was picked up as a great promise by the School of Philosophy in Belgium, Back then, together with the School of Meditation, this international organization was important at the bridge of Eastern and Western spirituality. There, I studied Vedic philosophy and meditation for some 4 years, devoting evenings, weekends and holidays to the communal work of developing “presence”. With a similar method to that of Transcendental Meditation, the structure of this organization became increasingly rigid and heartless in my eyes – especially as I was plunged into a traumatic grief process with the death of my father.

Then, as now, I came to an understanding about inner responsibility and the limitations of external authorities, institutions or religions that demand absolute trust and cleavage to that authority.

I knew, as I know now, that each process is intensely individual, precious and unique, and that the final responsibility for the embodiment of our existence is with us. Furthermore, the Vedic focus on consciousness, over the realm of sentience and awareness, tends to fall short of the needs of the Western individual who – after awakening – can often find that the same pre-conscious anger, fear or trauma continues to affect his state. This is where I try to bring light through healing, private sessions, mentoring, writing and teaching.

Needless to say, this is not a judgment on Vedanta within its own culture and form, but an observation of the way in which it has filtered and been adapted to certain schools of inner growth in the Western world.

After leaving home and still forever a seeker, I went to study English Literature and Language at Oxford University in the UK, and used these years to move deeply into the connection of word with form through a psychoanalytic and feminist approach to literature. In this, I was able to study psychoanalysis, Jungian theory and many of the great philosophers of our time.

With an intuitive love of the language of the unconscious mind, extended studies at the International School of Spiritual Psychology introduced an understanding of the subtle bodies and energy systems, and opened the way to an exploration of the means of perception. This process – the process behind perception, is offered in the book I AM HERE – Opening the Windows to Life & Beauty, which will be published by John Hunt Publishing in December 2013.

At age 40, I united with the love of my life. Today, we work together to share as much as possible of our individual and shared process of joy, love, peace and unity with others.

I hope Ways to Eden will be of service to you, who has arrived here, and hope you will feel free  to get in touch if you feel we can be of service.