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People of Eden

At the start of the great monotheistic religions – in the opening chapter of Genesis, at the culmination of the creation of the earth, galaxy, solar-system, we share the story of the Garden of Eden.

While parallel creation stories can be found across the world – in short, telling how we fell from grace – the story of Eden – its bliss and innocence, ruptured by original sin and our banishment into suffering – is an archetype that unites students of inner growth at the cultural basis from across the spectrum of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Eden offers us a powerful system of metaphors that tell us in a living way of our human condition – moment by moment – and the doors we can open in processes of inner growth and self development.

We are not advocates of a historic Eden. History is nothing but a pattern presenting in some way in the present moment. We do firmly believe that Eden exists, right now, at the heart of creation and at the heart of every one of us.

Shamelessly, we use the Eden parable as a metaphor to describe processes of inner growth. We hope that in reading this book, the doors to Eden will be opened for every one of you.

Eden is not a remote land of perfect souls. Eden is not far away. Eden is an inherent presence of bliss, joy and peace. It is a perspective of inner peace and optimism, an attitude of happiness that when unlocked can be a backdrop and support to our difficulties and hard lessons in living. Eden is also the powerhouse of physical creativity. It is the liquid gold at the core of inner being that can create the alchemy of outer transformation.

It is all around you and within you, right now.




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