Ring the Bell

October 25, 2012 by admin

Ring the Bell


pure blows

in space



let it fly

through palaces

and chambers,


eternal halls,

collapse into it,

aware in


only of dust

of lesser self

releasing as

even humility’s

inner gowns

touch sacred


Subsumed in awe

and glorious remaking,

called by essence to boundless

disintegration- transforming yearning cells

of human being to being and being human bliss.

Yes, this deeper resonance awakens cherishing notes

and choirs now in harmony; unplayable and powerful beyond

vain hopes and forsaken thoughts to enslave love itself – let it fly –

faster, deeper, unrelenting, repenting itself and violent, true, rapid, still.

Listen, lover, universal stirring here- pulsating infinite choice from scores

behind creation expanding outward, as undeniable forms emerge as point

meets point and wider line stretches to prism, and this perfect splendour

meets itself descending, as in every heart and soul exquisite orchestras

conducted by tender gardeners most silent – cascade endlessly through

new worlds enveloped by love and closest holding- and the universe

wept in joy

we did it.


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