Self-realization through the perceptive power of emptiness

For many well-traveled seekers, the word ‘emptiness’ is problematic. It is hollow, a void. There is nothing in it. The truth is, that for many seekers, emptiness is annoying. It is a Buddhist idea which is abstract, conceptual, and not entirely relevant. It trashes everything.

All true.

It is also a portal of perception, so all-pervasive, apparently unspiritual and yet constantly used, that we become increasingly unable to notice that this resource is ours.

Emptiness is an immediate insult to the mind.

Let’s think about this later.

First I need to deal with my ____ (fill in the blank).

It’s meaningless. (True too, it is really not about meaning).

I’m not there in my process (what process?).

When the potent energy of emptiness is first sensed or apprehended by an awakened consciousness, it can be so outrageous that consciousness shakes itself up even more, checks in on itself, and again asserts itself with full force. The suggestion of emptiness immediately brings consciousness to life. Protectively, consciousness moves to contain this new entity in the shop of inner growth.

Yes, I know all of this. But you are wrong. Emptiness is not empty. Fact.”

Yet everything we witness and experience in heaven, hell and earth is in motion. It was born and it will die. This moment is one of a million dying moments. And this too will pass. All this exists is in movement by virtue of the emptiness between, around, within and beyond these illusions of form. Without emptiness, there is truly no-thing. No form. Form depends on it!  Emptiness allows form, it permits expression, it is the paramount ingredient of structure, of creation. Through emptiness, we expand.


“Yes, there is something, but emptiness is the wrong word for it.”

Having claimed the right to name this new beast in paradise, consciousness could then choose to play out a drama. This time it is a sophisticated, highly-developed enactment of the war between good and evil.

What is this infinite night, this chaos, this dark energy that would annihilate all that I am? Is this the realm of Satan?

At least, if Satan reigned there, it wouldn’t be empty, would it?

Somebody has to be in control!

After a while, consciousness relaxes and can forget about this emptiness thing. It’s just a thing, after all.  But it’s too late, because the power of awareness – aroused by the recent breaking lightening storm of consciousness, also begins to stir. The thoughts above are in shock and fighting to cling on, the fears below are all bristling up, ready for a fight. And there is also a deep rage uncurling with a hiss of that most foul word: rejection.

What is this that has so upset the holy head? Is there also a threat to the sacred heart?

Awareness begins to expand outward, in search of this phenomenon (for now) called emptiness.

Perhaps it can be healed?

Yet emptiness is even more annoying to those that have chosen to dwell through the dimensions of the human heart. It is important for these people to feel themselves as generous, open and non rejecting. The heart has long been opened and reopened so many times in a worthy movement of vigilance on behalf of love. As such, emptiness can seem to be slightly nasty.

Awareness is highly able to contain the ‘and-and’. It can let many truths exist at the same time. This is its beauty. It can surrender itself to grief and it can develop itself within love. The open heart gives everything in the universe the fullest permission to exist. Except…

This feeling of emptiness that – like a spoilt two-year-old – says: “ONLY NOT!” Sometimes, Toddlers are wiser than us.

“All that there is on heaven and earth is composed of love.”


“Love is the ultimate reality behind everything.”


“Emptiness is just a kind of awareness”


“Emptiness doesn’t exist!”

The two year old leaves the house to go play with the traffic.

It is now time to move behind time and to remember, allow and cultivate the perceptive power of emptiness.

Perception through emptiness brings with it the master-keys of self-realization.

Extract from I AM HERE, opening the windows of  life and beauty.

A new book for a new generation by Georgina Yael Johnson.