So Eden is no “cure all”?

October 26, 2012 by admin

After you have accessed Eden, yet you will still face the same issues of physical life – all that stuff which is on your plate including your own physical body, and its demise and death.

In accessing eternal life, you still be miserably mortal.

If you are lucky you will die, over and over, moment by moment.

But the fear will be weaker, and the unconditional love strong.

When the inner doors to Eden are opened, the “and-and”- the great task of integration – begins.

In this, we truly begin our mission as humans – to bring heaven to earth and earth to heaven – letting the blissful light of the universe kiss and awaken every dead, abandoned, infertile and frozen part of who we are.

When the doors to Eden are opened, the real work begins – the work integration, transformation and creation – as we take up the luggage of this and other lives and continue on our way,  both in and out of Eden, moment by moment.


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