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Behind every collapse of trust are the roots of self-betrayal.

We betray ourselves when we break the sacred promise of our incarnation by refusing to express our blessings.

In a fear of physical life, we try to fixate our experience by clinging to ideas of what we want to exist – in stead of what is there in the moment.

How can we lose anything that has never been truly ours?

Why is is that when we have been deeply forsaken, we carry a feeling of guilt as if the crime were ours?

To move through the fear of betrayal is to unmask the inner traitor of light.

In this, a door to freedom opens – the freedom to exist beyond our former limits as a creative source of human expression.


on mites
of light
in flight
she notices the stillness of sacred speed
how infinite mass, the quiet unwavering
needle of the clock singles out another
story of light and timeless thought as we
enfold the spectrum, travelling on light’s
chariot and reaching planets more distant
than your eyes tonight as rehearsing her,
you feel it’s time to disembark from this